Miss Manners: Finding peace with your sister’s fashion choice at a wedding

Sad wedding guest (Getty Images)

Sad wedding guest (Getty Images)Getty Images/Tetra images RF

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have seen it confirmed by multiple authorities lately that the not-bride just does not wear white to a wedding. So what should I have done when my sister showed up at my daughter’s wedding wearing a pure white dress of a lacelike material?

I tried to ignore it at the time, knowing the enormous scene my sister would make if I tried to throw her out. But all these years later, I still berate myself for having failed my daughter on her day.

GENTLE READER: Your conscience is out of whack. You should have harbored guilt if you did cause a scene at your daughter’s wedding, not if you politely refrained from doing so.

That you are still mad at your sister is a different issue. Miss Manners advises you to take comfort in knowing that no one mistook her for the bride, and some may have been amused at the attempt.

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