People to know in NY cannabis: Andrew DeAngelo

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Andrew DeAngelo is the founder and CEO Andrew DeAngelo Consulting, which serves dispensaries, cultivators, processors and distribution companies. He answered eight simple questions for NY Cannabis Insider’s “People to know” series.

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What is your position and what do you/your company do in the cannabis space?

Founder/CEO Andrew DeAngelo Consulting Co-Op.

How long have you worked in the cannabis space?

Legacy 1983-2006, licensed in Oakland with Harborside 2006-2020, Last Prisoner Project 2018-2023.

What did you do before you were involved in the cannabis industry?

I’ve also been an actor and teacher.

What led you to the cannabis industry?

I visited my older brother Steve in prison when I was nine. That’s when it all started really, but in high school I got injured and cannabis saved me. I knew then this was going to be my life. And I’ve been working with the plant and culture ever since.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into the NY weed industry?

You’ll need ample resources, the right advisors, and a strong support system around you to be one of the pioneers in NY. If you don’t have all three of those things, work to get them before you begin. Don’t personally guarantee money you borrow or raise. Do due diligence on all investors you engage and advisors you hire. Make sure your friends and family will be there for you when times are tough. This has to be a mission not just a business. That way you’ll never give up. Tenacity, grit, and a clear vision of the mission are key ingredients to success. Mistakes will be made, how you recover from them will determine your destiny. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

What do you think the NY cannabis ecosystem will look like in five years?

Fragmented. There will be large players trying to own it all (they won’t), local small neighborhood businesses that are hyper local, social equity businesses that are in touch with stoners and heavy consumers, regional players from NE, and a diminished but still present underground market (most likely). In a fragmented ecosystem, differentiation is the way entrepreneurs will carve out their market share.

Do you use cannabis? If so, what’s your favorite method (flower, dabs, edibles, tinctures, etc.), and why?

Everyday. Capsules for daytime/work at functional doses. Flower and dabs after work to recover and relax. CBD and naturally occurring Delta-9 for sleep.

Who should contact you, and what’s the best method?

Email my publicist please:

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